Vet-Advantage Digital Edition: SEPTEMBER 2016

» Patterson’s New Frontier

Patterson and Animal Health International hold their first combined national sales meeting. 

» Clinics that Work

Collaboration is John Payne’s vision for Compassion-First Pet Hospitals.

» Purpose, Process, Payoff

Get to “yes” by using this effective technique from Wendy Myers. 

» Remember: We Serve Humans, and Animals

Satisfying both customers is important to ensure a healthy practice. 

» Improving Dental Compliance

How you can help your accounts grow through improved dental compliance. 


» New Weapons in the Battle Against Bovine Respiratory Disease

Alternative treatments to BRD aim to prevent disease losses by boosting immunity. Click here for the full story. 

» Pinkeye in Cattle

A new strain of Moraxella is causing more incidence of pinkeye in cattle. Click here for the full story. 
September Digital

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You Snooze, You Lose When it Comes to Veterinary Practice Review

How can you influence the success of your customers' online reviews and ratings? First, know the current facts about online reviews, and bring these facts to the attention of your customers. The following important statistics and study findings may surprise you... Then, offer up helpful solutions. Your customers are looking to you for this kind of help! Click here to read more.


Busting Through Senior Pet Care Assumptions at Veterinary Practices

That's a lot of assumptions, and some of them may be off base because senior care can sometimes fall by the wayside for practices, considering everything else they have to juggle these days. So here's a challenge for you: Never assume your customers are following an up-to-date senior care plan within the practice. Make it a point to discuss senior care protocols with every clinic you visit through the end of the year. There are several benefits to bringing up senior care. Find out how you can help as a distributor rep. Click here to read more.


What Your Customers Don't Know About Veterinary Diabetes Solution



When was the last time you made it your mission to discuss diabetes care with customers? If it was just yesterday, fantastic! But if it's been a while… consider making diabetes a top priority during your upcoming sales calls. When you ask your customers about their current diabetes protocols — you'll open the door to a rewarding shift for all (practices, patients, pet owners, and you!). Your customers may not know that they, and their clients, are missing out on the major benefits of today's veterinary-specific insulins. Click here to read more.