Vet-Advantage Digital Edition: march 2017


MWI shares a strategy for success at their 2017 National Sales Meeting, with a theme of "Limitless". Their leadership team weighs in on the industry trends affecting today's animal health business and how MWI is positioned to help customers and manufacturing partners. Get the inside scoop here. >> Read More.

» The Specialization of Veterinary Medicine

Advances in technology and shifts in consumer behavior are changing the role of the primary care veterinarian as well as the specialist. Adam Little, DVM, highlights several ways these changes may take effect. >> Read More.

» Today’s Leptospirosis Risk is Worth Discussing with Veterinary Practices

With leptospirosis risk factors present across the country, it’s worth discussing vaccine reluctance so you can help clinics protect patients. Vet-Advantage spoke with two industry experts and asked them the following questions about addressing leptospirosis risk in the practice – and how you can help. >> Read More.

» Management Matters

Help your customers build their practice value. Encourage them to engage and invest in learning effective management practices just like they would clinical education. A healthy veterinary practice that is managed closely can yield significant earnings or profits each year and you can help!  >> Read More.

» Rally Hospital Teams to Support Flea and Tick Messages

Spring’s warm temperatures bring tremendous opportunities for flea and tick product sales. As a sales professional, you need to reignite veterinary team’s passion for educating pet owners about parasites and selling solutions. Try these three approaches from Wendy Myers. >> Read More.

» Application of Data Science in the Veterinary Industry

It is important for veterinary practices to identify and focus only on those data that are most important to their success … because not all data are equally valuable. Here's how you can know what the "right data" is for each of your accounts... from Jason Wernli and Scott Harper, allyDVM. >>Read More.


Leaders who want to create a giver culture must create an environment where employees feel their needs will be met, where people view each other as essential players in solving problems and helping customers. Helpful doesn’t mean subservient, it’s actually the fastest route to success. >> Read More.
March 2017 - The Specialization of Veterinary Medicine

Vet-Advantage: TOP stories


The Veterinary Feed Directive Is Here

The regulation took effect Jan. 1, 2017 but producers, distributors and veterinarians may still have questions. Screenshot 2017-03-06 09.53.33.png
Distributor sales representatives can help veterinary customers address this new regulatory environment by ensuring they have quick and easy access to current product labels and withdrawal times. With the VFD in effect, you can act as a resource to your customer during this time of change, set yourself up as a partner – and contribute to increasing the public’s confidence in our food supply...Here's how: Read More. 

DSRs Take Note: The NAVC Conference Becomes VMX Starting in 2018

As a DSR, you want to be aware of what’s happening with the NAVC — and VMX (Veterinary Meeting & Expo) — because your customers may want to discuss it with you...Here's what you can expect from the new VMX next year… and how it affects you! Read More.


Bordetella and CIV: Let’s Turn Our Attention to Infectious Diseases in Boarding Facilities


Untitled-11-1.pngSome veterinary practices may consider respiratory infections “no big deal,” but DSRs can shine a light on managing this very real threat. Boarding kennels are still extremely vulnerable to outbreaks of Bordetella bronchiseptica (Bordetella/kennel cough) and CIV (canine influenza virus/canine flu). To help us understand the current picture of these infections and today’s solutions, we asked Dr. Stahl and Dr. Ball to answer the following important questions that will help you start the conversation with clinics. Read More.