Vet-Advantage Digital Edition: SEPTEMBER 2016

» The World of animal health 

Henry Schein’s Peter McCarthy brings a worldwide view to current animal health issues. Read More.

» Good Leadership is Essential to a Healthy Practice

Too often, challenges in a practice are blamed on staff or even clients, but most challenges in any organization should be placed squarely with the leadership of the company. Read More.

» Increase Your Sales: Train at Being Mindful

Randy Chittum PhD explains why the practice of mindfulness can be a vital skill for sales reps. Read More.

» Fear Free

Why a better and rewarding patient experience for pets will enhance the bottom line for veterinary clinics. Read More.

» Are You Frustrated With Your Access to Train Practice Teams?

Here's some advice from Wendy Myers. Read More.

» Facilitating Veterinary Practice Growth

Help Your Accounts Survey the Right Way. Read More.
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